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10 Things You Can Do to Bring Out the Romantic Side of Your Man

Everyone wants their man to be a little more romantic, but some guys just don’t seem to have a single romantic bone in their bodies. How can you fix that? Well, there’s a solution. There are some things you can do to bring out the romantic side of your man.

1. Let him know that being romantic is a manly thing to do and it can really be fun. Tell him that you will cook his favorite dish for him if he agrees to create the ambiance by lighting some candle and putting on some soft music for a candlelit dinner.

2. Urge him to put together a picnic for two. Pack his favorite finger foods and head for his favorite park. Make sure you bring along something both of you can do after the picnic — a football, a basketball, or cards. No matter what you do, make sure you bring some strawberries and whipped cream to feed each other.

3. Talk him into taking a long bubble bath with you. He might not be too interested in this at first, but if you tell him that you will give him a full body massage afterwards, he will surely fall for it.

4. Tell him that you would like to do dance for him in your lingerie if he sets the mood in the bedroom. Since men are visual by nature he will be very interested in seeing your private dance.

5. Reward him when he is romantic. Maybe he brought you flowers or took you out to your favorite restaurant. Let him know how much you appreciated that. This will make him realize that he gets something special when he is romantic.

6. Mention romantic things other guys do for their girlfriends. Give him little hints that you would like him to do these things for you.

7. Suggest romantic ideas to him and let him select the ones he is most comfortable with.

8. Let him know that you are turned on and are more attracted to him when he is romantic with you.

9. Say kind and endearing things to him and he will reciprocate sooner or later.

10. Be romantic to him. Nothing will get your guy to buy into the idea of being romantic than when you put together romantic activities that are fun.