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Romantic SMS

Three little words. But they carry a world of meaning and the seeds of the oncoming generations. I love you. Romantic SMS messages are evocative. When said with the right mix of emotion, earnestness and adoration, they are powerful enough to melt the stoniest of hearts. And kindle a love story of epic proportions. At several times in our short life, we tell our significant other these magic words to unlock a sea of positive emotions towards each other. Love permeates our life far deeper than we think possible.

Somebody said, ‘Money makes the world go round’. I would beg to differ and would like to say that ‘Love makes the world go round’. The very word ‘dear’ is indicative of the value we place on the word love. How best can we express it? In person and in close intimacy, it seems the most natural thing to say.

A mobile phone in your hand seems to transcend all barriers. A fully equipped mobile handset with the latest technological features works magic in our hands. We can record video, shoot still photos, record voice messages, save and send romantic songs, romantic poetry, romantic scenery, romantic landmarks or landscapes, write and send romantic messages, receive romantic messages in all forms and now reach you wherever you might be, whatever the time may be, and however busy you may be. A romantic SMS message is powerful enough to lift your emotions, uplift your spirits, engage your creativity and dispel boredom.

Romantic SMS messages are the stuff of life for the young and young at heart. Imagine them sending ‘I Love You’ romantic SMS messages while in the classroom, in the campus grounds, commuting between college and home, at the playground or in the theatre. It is so easy to engage in romantic conversations while studying, partying, on holiday travel, especially when Valentine Day mood gets you worked up.

These days the rise of the metrosexual has enhanced the romantic nature of the youth. With more number of young people working and earning handsomely, their lifestyle has changed enormously along with the quality of their relationships. People are more comfortable in expressing their emotions especially of the amorous kind! Romantic SMS messages take just seconds to zip across the world, entering the recipient’s mobile and heart in a way that is like no other.