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Parlez-Vous Francais? – Learning French in France

If you want to pick up French as a second or third language, the best way to do so is to go to France. Learning French in France is easier than trying to learn it from a book. While a great many people in France can also speak English, there are many areas of France where the people only speak French. If you want to learn this language in a hurry, the best way to do so is to learn French in France.

Sure, the French speak English…

When you visit France, you can pick up French by visiting an area that is a bit off the beaten path. Many of the people in Paris speak English as well as French. If you visit a city that is a bit away from it all, or a small town, then you will find that many of the people do not speak English. In order for you to communicate with them, you will have to learn French. When you are forced into communication in this manner, you will pick up the language – it is human nature. You should bring along a French-to-English dictionary so that you can get by with a few words. Of course, you are better off if you have a basic concept of the language before you begin.

But then Again…

There are many areas of France where English is not spoken. These are also the most charming and least commercial areas of the country. Not only will you get a chance to learn how to speak French in France by visiting these areas, but you will get a chance to see how the real French people actually live, instead of the version that is shown to tourists. This will give you a chance to experience real French life as well as learn French in France.

Bring out the French Dictionary, Books & Tapes

Before you visit France to learn French, you should try to get a grasp on the language by listening to foreign language tapes or reading a book. You may even want to take a class in French so that you can pick up the language easier. If you once spoke French in school but have not used this language for a while, then you will have to learn it again. Language is not like riding a bike – you do not just pick it right back up after being away from it for a long period of time. You have to use the language in order to retain the information.

Once you get to France, you should make it a habit to only converse in French. This can be easier if you visit an area of the country where not many people speak English. You will be pressured into speaking French in order to communicate with others. The more you have to communicate in a language, the more you will pick it up. This is pretty much like a trial by ordeal, but it does work. If you want to learn a language quickly, the best way to do so is to have to speak it in order to communicate. You will be surprised at how fast you learn.