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Mountain Bikes – Finding the Right Mountain Bike For You

The first bicycle was made in Germany around 1820. The construction consisted of wood and brass parts and weighed a whopping 48 pounds! Chances are we would not recognize this contraption today, because we have come a long way in design and engineering. There are several styles choices from road bikes to mountain bikes to hybrids, each developed for differing cycling experiences. The mountain bike can have from 18 to 24 gears and front-end suspension. This increases the smoothness of the ride while assisting you in handling the ride in the traditional off-road conditions. For an even better ride, consider getting a rear suspension as well.

How do you find mountain bikes that are right for you? The first consideration may be financial, and there are large ranges of prices to fit every budget from £214 to £5730. Bikes for juniors average around £71, and go up from there. Women’s bikes begin at £107 and have different measurements. When you find the price range that fits, you must match the performance capabilities to your objectives. Do you want the bike for pleasure and leisure, or do you want to experience downhill speed and risk in the rough terrain? Bike shops have personnel that can direct you to the choices available for your needs.

Also, you will need to find the right physical fit for your frame. Mountain bikes come in a variety of sizes. The vertical measurement is critical, even though the saddle adjusts. Also, the top tube measurement will determine how far forward you are leaning. Women should spend some extra time and find bikes especially for them in order to maximize the performance and comfort of the ride. Also, juniors should choose a bike that fits on the day they buy it. They can then trade or re-purchase later as they grow taller. This is important for safety reasons.

You will also need accessories for the mountain bikes, such as helmets, knee and elbow pads. These are part of the package for fun and safe cycling. There are a variety of colors and styles to match your tastes. You may want to customize some options like the seat or handlebars to better meet your needs. It is vital to get used to a new bike before plunging headlong down a mountain trail. Start slowly and carefully on smoother landscapes. Less time spent in hospital leaves more time to ride!