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Greed Is Good – Why We Never Have Enough

Following my article entitled, How To Increase Power Without Effort” I would like to explain this so called negative quality of human nature and show you that like many things, it can be used for evil or for good.

Let’s continue the concept that humans are created as a mechanism to increase the power of their creator. That creator could be a conscious self-aware being or it could be a living being just doing what it does naturally, trying to grow, just like a tree, or a weed.

There are many plants which will grow and take over the area of other species of plants. Would you call them greedy? Would you call them evil? Or would you simply say they are the stronger and more dominant species and therefore nature requires they continue to grow and eventually take over everything until a stronger species gets in their way.

If we are that offshoot of an ever-expanding energy, which is by its very nature is as ‘greedy’ as a weed, then in fact, being greedy is in our basic nature.

When our greed makes us do things that harm others or ourself, then it is a bad thing, and most of the time, this is the way it is expressed. However, as I said near the end of the previously mentioned article, “… You can use your energy to bring people down, or make them smile… “

Greed is a negatively perceived word for the natural desire to grow, progress, evolve. You can say that I was very greedy because I was not satisfied with owning one company, and that by the age of 25 I owned eight companies because I wanted to make more money.

Or, you could say that I was ambitious and wanted to make enough money to retire before the age of 30 so I could devote my life to the pursuit of understanding the human condition so I could help as many people as I could have a better life.

What we call greed is actually a motivational force. It is always a negative statement to say someone has no motivation or, it is sad that someone has lost their motivation.

We live in a world in which the loss of motivation is a virtual plague. Perhaps the attitude that greed is bad makes people stop themselves from wanting more, and settle for mediocrity, which eventually kills their motivation.

Imagine how it will make you feel to consider yourself evil and a terrible person because you are greedy, and yet you cannot help yourself from wanting more out of life, or to expand your business, or have a better home or car, or to see the world?

I have been to 90 countries. Isn’t that something everyone admires? But if you said I was greedy when I was younger, and I listened to you, and I stifled my so called greed, then I would have never made enough money to leave my home country.

My point is; Greed Is Good because greed is a natural expression of the desire to grow and evolve, which is our reason for being, the purpose of our creation, and if you are religious, Greed is not a deadly sin, but a service to God.

The line is simple, do not hurt anyone, at least as best as you can, in your pursuit of the infinite, but never feel guilty about wanting more out of life.