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Why I Created All Natural Pest Control Products

If you have ever been to the Atlantic coastal areas in the southeastern United States, you know there are a lot of bugs. The climate is perfect for these creatures – lots of rain, humidity and moisture along with heavily wooded terrain offering ample nesting sites. While this area offers a wonderful quality of life for people, it also provides prime locations for all sorts of pests.

We moved to Beaufort, SC in 2008 after visiting the area annually since the early 1980s. The Lowcountry of South Carolina is magnificent with the Spanish moss-draped trees, the constantly moving tides, and I absolutely love the hot, steamy summers. I really do – give me July 25th any day of the year where I don’t need a jacket and the sun warms you up all the way to the soul!

However, the bugs here are monumental. There are regular mosquitoes as well as the larger, more aggressive salt marsh mosquitoes. We have monstrous roaches here affectionately referred to as ‘Palmetto Bugs’ as though a charming name can conceal their grotesqueness. We have the pesky fire ants that have crawled their way up from South America to construct huge mounds of torture to unsuspecting humans or animals that dare disrupt their busyness. But probably the worst are the No-see-ems also known as sand gnats, sand fleas, flying teeth and many other profanity-laced words not fit to print. A No-see-em is practically invisible. You don’t even realize they are around you until they begin to bite – and what a shock of pain a No-see-em can inflict! They love to burrow in your hair and suddenly you have pin pricks all over your scalp that cause humans to run inside immediately!

Well, I love to be outside. I was not about to be driven indoors by the myriad of pests here so upon our arrival, we set about finding a solution to the bugs… and Greenbug was born.

After researching for about 20 minutes – it became blatantly obvious that traditional pesticides are dangerous. The active ingredients are known causal factors for diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Parkinson’s, ADHD. They are synthetic (not natural) neuro-toxins that are poisonous to pests… but are also equally poisonous to humans, animals and the environment.

After minimal additional research, it is clear these poisonous neuro-toxins have infiltrated our planet to such an extent that we now have whopping increases in the diseases mentioned above. Hmm… neuro-toxic pesticides affect the nervous system of bugs – as well as humans – leading to neurological diseases. Not good.

Greenbug was started to offer alternative pest control products to traditional, synthetic chemical pesticides. To be outside in Coastal South Carolina in July without any bugs, without dousing the environment or your body with toxic pesticides, we have Greenbug to thank! Necessity is the Mother of Invention so Greenbug creates a bug barrier and humans can enjoy the outside.